The orthodontics museum at Expodental Meeting 2020

An initial surprise awaits visitors to Expodental Meeting 2020, soon after the turnstiles: the event hosts the museum of orthodontics.

Orthodontics developed scientifically, technologically and economically in Italy throughout the 20th century, becoming an important national and international discipline.

Munaorto, the National Museum of Orthodontics and of Orthodontic Techniques, was created by the Association for Social Promotion. The Association which, recognised by the Public Administration and established to “maintain the memory of the orthodontic profession”, was conceived in Bologna on 7 November 2016.

The scope of the association, and thus of the Museum, is to recover material of historical, cultural and museum-related interest, preserve it and underscore its value.

The Museum has the dual purpose of shedding light on a past situation that has contributed to characterise the identity of orthodontics and of its people, and of disseminating knowledge of the particular aspects of this historical memory, which survive to date in many aspects of the profession.

The Museum thus reconstructs the events of the scientific discipline of orthodontics, marks the progress made, and validates the work of one individual with references to tradition, while also underscoring the innovative drive of new scientific theories and practices.

UNIDI’s interest in orthodontics is also witnessed by the commitment of its President, Ms. Gianna Pamich. She was appointed ambassador of Italian orthodontics in late 2019, at the 4th Forum of the profession sponsored by S.U.S.O. in Bologna which, three years after its first publication, presented the book The Citadel, the English version of La Cittadella, the history of Italian orthodontics.