The “sick-building syndrome” stems from a poor air quality, which causes clinical diseases in people who stay in bad-aired rooms for a long period of time. This has a negative impact on professionals‘ safety and productivity.

Sanitizing air is a must for dental practices: droplets or bio aerosols spread themselves (Through sneezing, coughing or simply speaking) and float in the air for hours. This poses a high risk of pathogens’ transmission.


The solution?

Choosing a Safe You air purifier to filter air and assure the right air-exchange rate to protect professionals and patients in dental practices.

Safe You air purifiers have been designed specifically for dental practices and are certified against Covid19. They dissolve bad odours, dust, allergens and destroy 99,9% of viruses and bacteria, thanks to an innovative, active filtration system without Hepa filters.

Why Safe You air purifiers

Installing Safe You air purifiers in dental practices protects professionals and patients, optimizes sanitization’s times and costs, reassures patients and eliminates bad odours.



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