What about the internationalisation process of the dental industry? Growth without borders : In 2018 the dental industry invoiced a production of almost 1 billion euro, employing a workforce of more than 5,000 subjects.

The Italian dental industry is a particularly productive market segment, which ranks our country among the leading manufacturing centres in the world, with a constant growth in sales to foreign countries over the years. These results have been obtained by the excellent reputation of products manufactured in Italy in terms of research, innovation, design and safety in a sector that is highly sensitive to such factors, and which relates to the health and safety of people.

Italian production of medical devices and of dental products is a sector that records exports accounting for more than 60% of the turnover, with peaks of 80% for special merchandise categories, allowing our companies to face the issue of a weak and stagnant internal demand.

In 2018, the Italian industry exported about 660 million euro, with a 6% increase compared to 2017 and an overall growth of about 80% from 2019 to date.

Internationalisation is one of the priorities for UNIDI, with a wide-ranging promotional plan to increase Italian market shares in foreign markets, a programme perfected with ICE/ITA. UNIDI has always played a leading role with its companies in foreign markets, even in emerging ones.

The foreign promotional programme of UNIDI for 2020 is online!

The complete programme can be downloaded, and the individual initiatives scheduled can be seen in detail directly on the website UNIDI in the section dedicated to foreign news.

 Briefly, the following events will be organised:

  • 5 collective meetings;
  • 4 B2B meetings;
  • 9 information stands;
  • 2 market researches on Indonesia and Malaysia;
  • 1 research on Italian export in the world;
  • 2 training and informative meetings (Export Manager Meeting);
  • 1 informative seminar on registration in Mexico and India.

 The 2019 promotional programme drew to a close with the appreciation of companies in the sector, recording about 450 corporate participations in the various events.

 Early 2020 will witness our participation as protagonists in the following events:

  • Ciosp (San Paolo, 29 January – 1 February) – information stand
  • AEEDC (Dubai, 4-6 February) – Italian collective group, 500 m2 – fully booked!
  • Midwinter Meeting (Chicago, 20-22 February)
  • South Dental China (Canton, 2-5 March) – information stand
  • Expodental (Madrid, 12-14 March) – Italian collective group – fully booked!
  • Idex (Istanbul, 9-12 April) – information stand
  • IDEM Singapore (24-26 April) – Italian collective group, more than 500 m2 – there are still a couple of stands available.