Expodental Meeting: see you in Rimini, from 17 to 19 June 2021

This new year has just begun and we can finally start imagining the end of the terrible crisis that marked year 2020: indeed, the vaccination campaign started worldwide and hopefully will be able to stem the most severe pandemic of the last 100 years.

If the recovery is certainly on its way, it is still premature to imagine exactly when this will happen. For this reason, the UNIDI Board of Directors has just decided to reschedule Expodental Meeting in June when, it is likely to be assumed, there will be more favorable conditions for the safe conduct of the event. A shift that, once again, is dictated by the will of the organizers to ensure exhibitors and visitors a safe and profitable edition of Expodental Meeting. A trade fair event, respectful of the operational health protocols for our sector, that will allow us to meet and experience the exhibition and its scientific program,  free from the worries of contagion.

 "Today, considering what happened in 2020 and the studies on the epidemic, it is impossibile to foresee the nearest future. However, it is certainly conceivable that the month of June could represent the ideal season for our restart" says Gianfranco Berrutti, UNIDI President.

“Postponing Expodental Meeting to June also takes into account the changed exhibition calendar and the willingness of exhibitors and visitors to meet again. We are convinced that the 2021 edition of Expodental Meeting can truly represent an opportunity for the entire sector, nationally and internationally, to re-affirm the centrality of the role of our fair as a fundamental promotional and business tool ".

Rendez-vous in Rimini, then, from 17 to 19 June 2021, with a large exhibition area and an even richer scientific and training program for all visitors.