It took three postponements, but here we finally are: we’re eager to be present in the 2021 edition of the Expodental in Rimini. It’s a chance to meet again, but mostly a way to discuss the current state of the dental market and how its future will unfold.

The landscape offered by the private medical sector after the pandemic has profoundly changed: after the losses suffered in the first phase, the sector is getting back on its feet. To do so, though, many dental practices approached – or are approaching – digital technologies as a winning weapon to establish a long-term success for their activities.

In the last months, we’ve gathered relevant data over the Digital Transformation in Italy via one survey arranged through several channels, involving thousands of dental practitioners. On the basis of data we’ve received, survey’s results show an increase in the number of doctors using management softwares to handle their dental practices.

But that’s not all: among the main interests of these doctors-entrepreneurs, the “Audit Accounting” appears to be their first concern. This is indeed a topic through which digitalization could have a strong impact in optimizing efficiency of the day-to-day work of the dental practice.

This is true for those that want to be more observant in regards to the evolving policies, to feature a highly-qualified staff, to become more profitable and to simplify the management accounting.

To achieve these goals, in our Workshop during Expodental, we’ll be mentioning how to exploit the advantages from digitalization, without running into excessive expenses and with a ROI which, in some cases, could already be met within the first 3 months.

The Workshop title is “La Trasformazione 4.0 dello studio odontoiatrico” (How to apply the Transformation 4.0 within the dental practice), a topic more and more relevant to the whole medical sector. We’re gonna talk about it with two distinguished profiles in the industry: Fabian Zolk, Co-Founder and CPO of AlfaDocs, and Andrea Soncin, Head of Digital Solutions.

The speakers will analyze and discuss, together with the participants, all the data of this ongoing digitalization, with the aim of finding the most useful solutions to face the upheavals of digital transformation without worries and to increase the economic success of modern dental practices.

This is the right time to implement the digital transformation of your business, the winning strategy to guide your business through technological progress without being overwhelmed by the wave of change.” Fabian Zolk states, “My advice is to equip your medical practice immediately with a platform that makes it possible to easily manage both the practice itself and the doctor-patient relationship, at 360 degrees. Many doctors are already doing this, because they have understood that digitization is, by definition, a multiplier of sustainability“.

The not-to-be-missed event will take place on Friday 10th September, from 1:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. (in the “Sala Tiglio”, Pavilion A6). We’re waiting for you and can’t wait to meet you in person! The event will be available also online.

To register for the event and receive the full program, with also the link to follow the live, just leave us your email by filling out the form on this page.


Further info

AlfaDocs is a managing platform for medical, dental practices and their patients, 100% based on cloud technology. Through automated workflows, the SaaS-platform of AlfaDocs increases the efficiency of internal processes and wins you time saving, reduces the internal costs and increases the patients’ satisfaction. Agenda can be accessed wherever you are and it allows a synchronized management of appointments. The Online Booking feature, integrated within the management software, automates the booking process and reduces voids in your calendar. Thanks to the Patient Relationship Management (PRM), the innovative management of the patient relationship allows personalized and automatized communications with your patients, boosting their effectiveness. A brand new experience, granting a high-level of satisfaction by the patients. Since 2016, AlfaDocs is a leading company on the Italian market, counting on more than 1000 users every day on its platform. We’re responsible for the management of more than half-a-million of medical records, ensuring security over these data thanks to their collaboration with one of the most modern and safest data centers in Europe. The company is certified ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1, being completely compliant with GDPR policies. Further info on the website: