Camfil, global leader in the air filtration, will be present at Expodental 2021 with a workshop titled: “Effectiveness of HEPA air purifiers in reducing airborne microbiological concentrations and ultra-fine atmospheric and chemical polluting particles in the dental office.

During the workshop, a study will be presented to evaluate the effectiveness of air purification systems equipped with HEPA filters for the reduction of microbiological concentrations and airborne ultrafine particles.            

The study evaluated the air quality inside the dental clinic, considering the impact of external and internal contaminating sources and the impact of the various ongoing activities, examining the 3 main environments: operating rooms of dentist and dental hygienist and waiting room.

The results show how the sources and concentrations of contaminants differ according to the specific environments of the clinic, allowing the identification of the best solution for each environment. This allows you to significantly improve indoor air quality to mitigate the risk of airborne infection and increase the well-being of operators and patients even after the pandemic.

Sign up for the workshop on Thursday 9th September, h. 14,00 – 15,30 Tiglio Room:

In addition, together with other companies in the dental sector, Camfil participates in Expo in Action, an event that offers Expodental visitors the opportunity to complete a route in stages among the various booths and workshops of the partner companies: a sticker will be delivered at each stage, and upon reaching at least four stickers, you will receive WOW GIFT, the treasure of Expo in Action!

Come to our booth to start your treasure hunt: Hall A7, Lane 1, Booth n. 030.