On the occasion of Expodental Meeting 2021, New Ancorvis – always a point of reference for operators in the sector in the development of technological solutions and design thinking – will officially present Innova, a revolutionary method, which unhinges the consolidated paradigms of the traditional cemented technique.

Innova, which was born as an evolution in the use of the cemented technique with V4 base, allows the creation of bars and toronto bridges in Titanium and Chrome-Cobalt SLM, Zirconia, PMMA, through an optimized work-flow, which is based on the possibility of screwing of the bonding connector directly on the prosthetic part, starting from the preparatory and trial phases.

New Ancorvis philosophy is confirmed to be once again that of the extreme enhancement of the dental technician, it’s main contact person, to whom the solutions and innovations that have always been developed by the company are aimed.

Further information on the Innova method will be provided on the occasion of the work-shop “The New Ancorvis trend of today and tomorrow: high-impact innovation and advanced training. Here are the upcoming releases: Innova and Grow Up”.

The workshop will be held on Friday 10th at Sala Galileo at 12.45 (first session) and at 13.30 (second session) and will have as its focus, in addition to the newborn Innova method, also the Grow Up path, of digital evolution, aimed towards the entire clinical and technical team.

Appointment at Expodental Meeting, Stand 41 – Hall C7, to learn about the details of this new solution and all the company’s projects.



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