Our optimism gives us hope for a recovery that, after a year and a half in which we found ourselves some more and some less in a situation of lockdown, will gradually lead us to resume our activities in presence.

Expodental2021, repeatedly postponed, will be the springboard that, safely, will allow us to meet clinicians, laboratories and students from the dental world.

In the year preceding the pandemic, OVERMED’s R&D worked on an ambitious project that aimed to solve the post-implant complications that the literature confirms to be frequent and numerous.

Focusing on the causes that sometimes involve bacterial infiltration, unscrewing and then makeovers with expensive and not budgeted additional appointments, we worked on how much it could limit them

This is how EasyPiece was born, a dental implant which aims to solve these problems: its morphology with integrated MUA eliminates the micro-gaps between implant and abutment often causing infiltration, its M1.8 screw reduces unscrewed and the small size of the prosthetic caps allow the preparation of more aesthetic prostheses.

The clinicians and laboratories to whom we have entrusted our solution have given us positive feedback and that is why we would like to share with you, at Expodental, the case reports addressed.

Friday, September 10th at 12.00 in Sala Cedro we will be happy to inform you why EasyPiece, our strategic solution, has checkedmate the traditional system!!!

It is possible to register for the workshop at this link https://www.overmed.eu/easypiece-la-soluzione-strategica/