“Finally!”. This is the word that really expresses the sense of liberation we feel after almost 2 years of viewing oral hygiene though screens and displays! In fact, even if remote working has never held back the CURASEPT brand, it has certainly taken away the pleasure and effectiveness of face-to-face activities and that is why we now take the liberty of shouting it: WE WILL MEET YOU ALL AT EXPODENTAL!

Let’s look in more detail at what we have planned as it will be all about being concrete and effective during these 3 days!

CURASEPT has just turned 20 and will bring fresh news to be shared with all those who want to go back to breathing science and innovation.

First of all, it will be an opportunity to get in touch with our achievements in 2021 both in the mechanical hygiene and in the chemical sectors, with in-depth information on some product lines ready to bring real benefits for dentists, hygienists and pharmacists, but above all for patients.

We will proudly present our new and unique CURASEPT PREVENT product line. This is an innovative product line for daily use supporting protocols for the prevention of mucositis and peri-implantitis. It is particularly indicated for patients with dental implants but also very useful for preventing relapses in other patients who have already been treated for periodontitis.

Speaking of concreteness, there will also be space for some very interesting workshops until the title of

“BIOFILM CONTROL: THE ANSWER IS MADE TO MEASURE”, which will take place on 10th September in the “Abete” room inside the exhibition centre. It will be a great opportunity to get updated on the various themes covered with the contribution of the expert hygienists Marianna Cozzolino and Fabia Profili.

In short, several exciting topics for this first on-site meeting! But still, it’s not the end folks!

As usual, there will be room to preview the exciting developments planned for 2022!

Bringing energy, good ideas and innovation CURASEPT is wherever solutions are needed.

We are looking forward to meeting you!